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Dahoon Nam

Born in South Korea, Dahoon Nam (B. 1995-) grew up in Canada and studied art history at the University of Toronto during which he started his artworks. His solo exhibitions have been hosted by Rund Gallery and Oh!Zemidong Gallery. Nam’s works have been featured in several group exhibitions and are currently kept at Chang Ucchin Museum of Art Yangju City.

남다현(B. 1995-) 한국에서 태어났으며, 캐나다에서 자란 남다현은 토론토 대학에서 미술사를 공부하며 작품활동을 시작하였다. 룬트 갤러리와 오재미동 갤러리에서 개인전을 개최하였으며 국내외 다수의 그룹전에 참여하였고, 그의 작품은 양주시립장욱진미술관에 소장되어 있다.


University of Toronto, Specialist in Art History (Honours Bachelor of Arts), Toronto, Canada


The 37th Korea Galleries Art Fair 2019, Seoul, Korea
The 4th New Drawing Project, Chang Ucchin Museum of Art, Yangju, Korea
Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition 2017, Toronto, Canada
Painting Pixels & Pints Exhibition, Mississauga, Canada

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