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Kim Tae Joong

Taejoong Kim (B. 1975-) graduated from Hongik University, Department of Printmaking, and graduated from the same graduate school with Master’s degree in Printmaking. With the belief that the source of infinite imagination comes from primitive drawing, he attempts to combine Winshi art and contemporary art. Through free drawing, numerous motifs harmonize and continue to grow densely. Work has been carried out in cooperation with a number of young and active famous brands such as Nike, Reebok, and UNIQLO.

김태중 (B. 1975-)는 홍익대학교 판화과를 졸업하고 동 대학원 판화과 석사를 졸업했다. 무한한 상상력의 근원이 원시적인 드로잉으로 비롯된다는 믿음으로 윈시미술과 현대미술의 접목을 시도한다. 자유로운 드로잉을 통해 수많은 모티브들이 어우러져 끊임없이 증식되는 밀도 있는 작업을 이어가고 있다. Nike, Reebok, UNIQLO 등 다수의 젊고 활동적인 유명 브랜드와 협력하여 작업을 진행하였다.


B.A. in Printmaking, Hongik University, Korea
M.A in Printmaking, Hongik University, Korea


BLUELESS, Gallery YOHO, Seoul, Korea
Drawing Machine, Gallery Marron, Seoul, Korea
Moving Plants, Lotte Hotel Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Code – Kim tae joong, Moon Hyeong Tae Duo Exhibition, Gallery Songadang, Seoul, Korea
Life Collection, Karas Gallery, Seoul, Korea
The Sweet, Gana Art Park, Yangju, Korea
Endless Line Drawing, Manofin Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Mania Life, Avenuel Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Open Studio, Arco Museum, Seoul, Korea
Thirthy Three, Posco Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
Nagseogeumji, EBS Space, Goyang, Korea
My Diary, There’s Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Hybrid Theory
– Kim tae joong, Lee DongGi Duo Exhibition, Gong Gallery, Seoul, Korea
dog & god, Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art, Seoul, Korea
From My Dream, Boda Gallery, Seoul, Korea
From My Dream, There’s Gallery, Seoul, Korea
“方” – Kim tae joong, Park Mi Na Duo Exhibition, Gallery JJ, Seoul, Korea


100 Artists 100 Albums, Lotte Avenue Art Hall, Seoul, Korea
Ji Bach Album Artwork, Warner classic world
Art of The Bottle, Upcycle Center, Gwangmyeong, Korea
Owl Team, Vivaldi Art House, Siheung, Korea
Sweet Soul, Cacadew, Seoul, Korea
The Jack with, Gallery mei, Seoul, Korea
The Sweet, Jang heung art park, Jangheung, Korea
Money, Audi Gallery, Busan, Korea
Schubertiade, Ditto Festival 2015, Seoul Arts Centre, Seoul, Korea
Andy Warhol Live – Karen Bystedt x Kim tae joong, DDP, Seoul, Korea
Color with Soul, Hogam Gallery, Seoul, Korea
5th Tokyo Zombie 666, Block House, Tokyo, Japan
Seoul Street Story, Jeamirang, Seoul, Korea
From My Sweet Dream, Café 4m, Seoul, Korea
Graffiti Effect, Sejong Center, Seoul, Korea
Cool Running, Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Korea
13 Rroject, Mmc Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Pop n Rop, Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Car Story, Art Factory, Paju, Korea
Haha Hoho(夏夏好好), Lotte Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Healing Camp, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Fantastic Devil’s Dictionary about Art, Dream Forest Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Artistic Period, In Ter Alia, Seoul, Korea
Jieut, Chung-a Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Colorful Character – Kim tae joong, Art Nom, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Being with You, Be-hive, Seoul, Korea
Coca Cola 125 – Open Happiness, Cannon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Good Drugs, Gallery AG, Seoul, Korea
Listen & Stop, Hyundai Card Sponsor, Korea
Over The Rainbow Part 11, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
Byul Collection Now, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
Listen & Stop, Hyundai Card Sponsor, Korea
Loco – Motive Engineer, Gallery SUN Contemporary, Seoul, Korea
Aw77 – NIKE, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
Pump 20 – Reebok, Gallery Kunsthalle, Seoul, Korea
Haengbokan Sangsang Project, Aram Nuri Art Center, Goyang, Korea
Imaginative Vitamin, Gallery AG, Seoul, Korea
Techinique of Deviation, Inter Al Lia, Seoul, Korea
Emrging Asia, Kepco Art Center Gallery, Seoul, Korea
SangSang, SangSang Chalk Art Festival, Seoul Olympic Stadium, Seoul, Korea
Fusion, Galerie Artenoo, Sanghai, China
P.E.A.R.L, Gallery Pakyoung, Paju, Korea
Techinique of Deviation, In Ter Alia, Seoul, Korea
ARCO en Matadero Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Self Factory – Converse Korea, Art Direction
Art Car Project, Ssamzie’s Chairman Car
Sounding Around The 38n – Contemporary Art from North and South Korea
– Canvas International Art – The Netherland, Gallery loop, Seoul, Korea
Cyworld Paperzine – Love Virus Project, Art Center NABI, Seoul, Korea
Joo & joong Collection No.33, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
Looking at The Atelier, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Selected Emerging Artists – SEMA 2004, SEMA, Seoul, Korea
Tokyo Designer’s Block, Tokyo, japan
Print 2040 New Stream, Busan Museum of Art, Busan
Supermarket Museum, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
Space International Print Biennial, SPACE Seoul, Seoul, Korea


Hyundai Card Corp, Korea
CLIO, Korea
Ssamzie, Korea
HiteJinro, Korea
Brera, Korea
Mr.Pizza, Korea
Vornado, Korea
SM Entertainment, Korea

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